New Caledonian Chameleon Gecko

(Eurodactylodes agricolae) These smaller geckos are at first glance non-descript, but closer examination reveals the incredible texture of the scales and the play of colors. Notice the yellow line accenting the mouth, and of course who could miss those eyes! These geckos are excellent subjects as they are fairly placid and pose well!

Thick Tailed Knob Tail Gecko

(Nephrurus milii) These awesome geckos are native to scrub and desert habitat in Australia. The huge eyes are a clue to the nocturnal nature of this lizard. We have a group of nice high contrast geckos which photograph beautifully!

Green Tree Python

(Morelia viridis) The Green Tree Python is a remarkable snake, living in the rainforests of New Guinea and Australia. These animals are sedentary, sitting on a limb in a coil, waiting for prey to come a little too close. The adults are beautiful with bright green colors marked with yellows, blues and whites, but the juveniles are bright yellow or red. We have adults on hand at all times, and sometimes juveniles. Once situated, this snake will “pose” for hours on end!

Tokay Gecko

(Gekko gecko) These lizards are popular in the pet trade, but are often rough looking, and with a terrible disposition. We have acquired a beautiful captive bred female which is nice and clean looking, with nice red spots on a greenish background. Gorgeous animal, and she still has enough attitude to make her a very interesting subject!

Northern Velvet Gecko “Amel”

(Oedura castelnaui ) Australia is home to more species of geckos than any other continent, and this wealth of species includes some absolutely amazing animals. This specimen is amelanistic, meaning the darker colors which would normally occur are much lighter in this gecko. This gecko is another good poser, and very easy to work with!

Israeli Sand Gecko

(Stenodactylus sp.) This tiny gecko is only about two inches long! They live in desert areas of northern Africa. They usually make excellent subjects, this little gecko will take a pose and hold it for several minutes! As usual with geckos, the eyes are incredible!

Jackson’s Chameleon

(Chamaeleo jacksonii) The amazing creatures look to be right out of the age of dinosaurs! We frequently have a chameleon or two on hand, and this is our most popular type. The eye turret and horns, along with the amazing scalation, make this an awesome subject for photographers. They pose easily and are usually not bothered by the camera.

Banded Knobtail Gecko

(Nephrurus wheeleri) This is a small gecko which compensates for its small size with a big attitude! Always fun shooting this gecko, they have a great “personality”, and seem to like to stand around and pose.

Asian Vine Snake

(Ahetulla nasuta) Gorgeous and dramatic, these snakes have bright green colors, unusual head structure and bizarre warning coloration or flash markings that they display. Between the three they make a highly unusual subject for photography. A bit flighty, it can be a bit of a difficult subject, but well worth it!

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